10 000 journalists can’t be wrong

With 10 000 members, the Norwegian Union of Journalists (NJ) organises nearly every journalist in Norway. This gives NJ professional weight and strength in the collective bargaining for wages and good working conditions.

NJ is a small organisation with influential force. It is easy for anyone who wishes to get involved to gain influence, and easy for anyone who needs help to get it.


Member benefits:

  • Help to negotiate wages and working conditions
  • Influence on the working situation in news rooms and editorial offices
  • Support and negotiating power from the local chapter
  • Individual legal assistance on employment contracts
  • Individual legal assistance in case of theft of material and pictures
  • Members’ journal “Journalisten” (see www.journalisten.no)
  • Reasonably-priced insurance and assistance through NJ’s Insurance Office
  • National and international press card
  • Invitations to in-career training and conferences
  • Union training for shop stewards and representatives
  • Influence on NJ’s policies
  • Financial support in case of unemployment or death

In editorial offices, NJ members are organised in chapters which work to promote good working conditions and support their members in individual matters. Shop stewards have their networks in regional unions and company unions, and meet with NJ’s central organisation at regular intervals.


The regional union branches organise debates, seminars and social events for all members. Company branches are networks for union representatives within the same group of companies.


Regional unions, company unions, student unions and the freelance journalists elect delegates to the NJ’s biennial national congress, which determines priorities and policy for the following period.




Members of NJ must have journalism as their primary occupation, and must work on the basis of independent journalism and in compliance with the Code of Conduct. Freelance journalists must be able to document that they operate a genuine freelance activity. The membership fee is 1.6 per cent of gross income. NJ’s very reasonably-priced student membership is for individuals studying to become journalists.