Good journalism = good democracy

Free and independent journalism is essential for a democratic society. Journalists are society’s watchdogs and their job is to bring to light any professional misconduct or irregularities among those in positions of power.

NJ works to improve conditions for journalists by:


  • influencing legislation
  • working with the public framework conditions of the media
  • working against concentration of media ownership
  • maintaining the code of ethics for the media


“There shall be freedom of speech"

Article 100 of the Norwegian Constitution establishes freedom of speech as a cornerstone of democracy. Article 100 also establishes that the authorities shall facilitate good working conditions for the media.


NJ assesses all proposed legislation that affects the industry. We discuss with government ministers and law makers how media issues should be handled.


Economic conditions and ownership


NJ works to maintain good economic conditions for the Norwegian media, such as subsidies for small newspapers and VAT exemption for the press, as well as public service broadcasting.


The economic situation of the media is essential for diversity and quality journalism.

NJ lobbies to make media owners recognise that they must invest in quality and credibility for the media to fulfil its purpose in society.




The Norwegian Freedom of Information Act is an important tool for journalists. NJ works continuously to promote greater openness and transparency, and to ensure that laws and regulations concerning these values are easily available to all members.


NJ develops journalism


NJ is part-owner of the Norwegian Institute of Journalism, where each year hundreds of journalists attend courses. Most members are entitled to paid leave to take relevant courses and studies, as well as scholarships that can be used for further education.


NJ’s local branches throughout Norway organise media conferences and debates, and NJ funds journalism and media research.


NJ plays an important role in the development of the Code of Ethics for the Norwegian media. This is done chiefly through the Norwegian Press Association, of which NJ is an active member. NJ also appoints members to the Press Complaints Commission.