‘Standing Man’ Protest

‘Standing Man’ Protest

The EFJ has staged a ‘Standing Man’ protest in Brussels ahead of the eighth hearing on the ‘‘KCK Press’’ case against 46 journalists in Istanbul, on 1 December.

Media Release

3 December 2013

EFJ Stages ‘Standing Man’ Protest ahead of Trial against 46 journalists


Mehmet Koksal, a freelance journalist and campaign coordinator for the EFJ Set Journalists Free campaign stood alone on a cold Sunday morning at the EU quarter in Brussels (Watch the Standing Man Protest here). 

Inspired by the protester Erdem Gunduz at Gezi Park, Koksal stood still in silence for two hours in support of the 46 journalists who are on trial on 2 December and those who are still behind bars. ‘‘The cold weather is nothing compared to the terrible conditions facing journalists in Turkey,’’ said Koksal. ‘‘It is easier to stand alone in the cold rather than facing the injustice in the prison like many journalists in Turkey.’’

On the same day, the EFJ affiliate, Turkish Journalists’ Union (TGS) has also led a rally with journalists at the Galatasaray Square in Istanbul supporting their colleagues before the trial.

The case of KCK (Kurdish initials to designate the Group of Kurdistan Communities) began on 20 December 2011 with the arrest of 46 journalists and media employees. They were charged under the Turkish anti-terrorist legislation to be members of an illegal terrorist organisation, Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

At the October session, which lasted 48 hours, no release has been issued by the court. 20 journalists are currently in custody.

To date, 62 journalists still remain in jail. Earlier this month, 4 journalists were sentenced to life imprisonment. Following the court decision, the EFJ has launched an online petition calling an urgent appeal of the life sentences given to journalists Füsun Erdoğan, Ziya Ulusoy, Bayram Namaz and Ibrahim Cicek, and the release of those who are put behind bars because of their professional work as journalists.

You can support us by signing the petition now. Please mobilise support for us by spreading the word.


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